Wainscoting Panels for the Everlasting Elegance

wainscoting panels bathroom pictures

Wainscoting Panels Bathroom Pictures

Paneling becomes an alternative idea to improve your house. By applying panel for your house, you can have new look. The panel brings new touch that can last longer. Furthermore, panel is made from various materials that you can choose. The traditional panel is constructed from wood. Meanwhile, the other panel is plastic or other materials. Now, let’s find out the history of paneling and how Wainscoting panels improves your house.

Paneling is commonly related with the interior design in some notable century and era, such as 17th and 19th centuries. The British architects often apply this panel for the building in Victorian era. And as time is passing by, this panel is famous through the countries as the international contemporaries. After we understand how the panel gets its popularity, let’s move to the specified paneling idea; Wainscoting panels.

Wainscot Paneling: Tools and Steps

The panel from Wainscot is made from oak. It is preferred in Holland and Great Britain for some reasons. Wainscot oak is special; the tree is slow in growth yet it is tannin-low, light in weight, and easy to be manufactured. So, Wainscot paneling is often applied in houses in Holland and Great Britain. To apply panel from Wainscot in your house, you will need some tools, namely: sandpaper, pry bar, electronic stud finder, level, tape measure, carpenter’s square, miter saw, hammer, tack cloth, stain and finish brushes, razor knife, circular saw, pneumatic nailer, and nail set.

Meanwhile, the materials you will need for Wainscoting panels are oak boards, (pneumatic) finishing nails, base shoe molding, cove molding, wood stain, wood glue, oak plywood panel, satin polyurethane finish, construction adhesive, wood shims, and cap molding. It takes approximately one day to finish it. Then, you should follow some steps. The first step is layout planning. After you have your layout planned, you need to install plywood panels and top rails. Then, you need to cut and install the stiles after the plywood panels and top rail are installed. Baseboard and cove molding should be installed as well as you finish cutting and installing the stiles. As the final step, you need to stain and finish the panel. It will be pretty easy.

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