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For those who attract rustic style but it look too heavy or too identified with a country house and not dare to use it in an urban apartment, now we’ll see how to decorate rustic dining table, a decorative style that takes elements of style traditional rustic but with other elements that give a very distinctive style and personality between bohemian and current.

Traditional rustic style makes excessive use of dark wood and heavy furniture (cupboards, sideboards to ground, thick wooden tables, large beams, stone, etc.) which can be subtracted something heavy and light to rooms.

To mitigate rustic chic style just takes some elements and combines them with other lighter. most common is to use a traditional rustic dining table, wood and thick legs more or less dark and chairs combined with clear, thin leg.

You can also use full range of wood (chairs and tables) and then use a light soil (white or raw) to ease burden. Combination with white and dark walls will be perfect finish.

Another option for a rustic dining table with a touch of elegance is to mix modern pieces, like a wooden table with steel legs or chairs design, with rustic decor elements, such as logs do serve as stools or wall paneled wood or straw lamps, pieces of logs stacked in a column, dry twigs in vases, etc.

lamp s can also give a rustic touch to room, especially if materials such as raffia, burlap or rattan used. If you also leave beams (in original wood or painted white or put wooden benches instead of chairs) we will have a chic dining area without losing warm, cozy and natural point of rustic.

To help you correctly combine all these elements, we leave you a few ideas for decorating dining room in rustic chic style for your inspiration.

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