The different dual shower head in a cabin

dual shower head 2

Dual Shower Head 2

If there is a dual shower head in your home, you know that the repairs are part of the privilege of having it. There are several common repairs and accessories for bath faucet’s shower. Each addresses a different problem, and some of the repairs solved many problems. Many of these are easy enough for any homeowner, and do not require the help of a plumber.

Leakage from a shower of two keys is produced from one of the dual shower head worn cartridge and allowing the water to pass through when the handles are rotated to the off position. Before beginning to disassemble the faucet to replace the cartridges, put your hand under the water dripping to feel the temperature of the water coming out so you won’t have to replace the cartridges or replace the bad.

Having to choose between dual shower head different in a car can be a great comfort. Imagine being able to lift a shower switch media and start using a different shower head. This is possible with a dual plug head shower. It is screwed onto the existing plumbing and has two ports to which two different shower heads meet. They can choose up a switch to dual connector.


Use pliers to take the water pipe and uses another to unscrew the old shower head.
Wrap with tape Teflon pipe threads of water. Wrap the tape in the direction of the threads to secure it when the dual connector is installed.
Attach the connector to dual water pipe by screwing it to hand. Used a pair of tweezers to hold the water pipe and tighten the dual connector.
Wrap with tape Teflon off the two ports in dual threaded connector.
5. Install the two shower heads in the connector dual shower head. Use two pairs of pliers as you did when you installed the dual connector to the water pipe.

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