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Rustic Outdoor Furniture Adelaide

The style of rustic decor of the southern United States makes a connection to the rustic outdoor furniture environment with the Southern life. Think of huts on the mountain with earth-colored tones, wooden beams on the ceiling and a dining table of wooden boards with banks following. Use lots of textured items such as rugs, fabric quilts and animal skins.

  1. Rustic furniture southern

Rustic outdoor furniture pieces from the south may or may not be handmade and usually reflect the Mission and Adirondack styles. The types of wood used for this style of furniture include red cedar and western cypress, oak and pine from Georgia. Typical parts include beds, dressers, desks, chests, rocking chairs, garden furniture and bookcases. The wood from old barns is sometimes used for furniture. Rustic furniture is often primitive and hard, with rough finishes.

  1. Colors

For wall color choices as terracotta, browns, yellows and reds are typical rustic Southern style. Wood finishes can include white patina, natural, golden oak or antique pieces for furniture or flooring cherry. The “bleak” appearance is common in rustic outdoor furniture and indoor, and helps to create an aged appearance with layers of various colors of ink.

  1. Finishes to window

Complete your rustic decor in any room with south rustic curtains or valances. Consider giving the finish a window with images of bears, bison, knights, horses, deer, log cabins or deer / elk. Alternatively, use solid colors and materials for curtains like black suede, a crosspiece of Cheyenne, or Laredo, with stars in it or curtains faux leather.

  1. Highlights

The highlights to complement the style of rustic decor in your home south may include a mirror horseshoe, a wall hanger cactus cowboy or a coffee table composed of a rearing stallion on its hind legs with a glass top.

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