Making an outdoor griddle in winter

outdoor burner and griddle

Outdoor Burner And Griddle

Even if the calendar says spring is coming – if you wait until you get here – you’ll have to wait long to cook on the grill (or a hamburger or hot dog) your next meat. If you’re one of those people who love the taste of food outdoor griddle fresh – no need to wait for spring to enjoy the food – you can do so in winter. In fact, almost half of Americans use their griddle during the winter, so you’ll be right. Here you will see how to enjoy a freshly outdoor griddle food – no matter what time of year you’re.


  1. Use warm clothes. While you will be standing near a fire / heat and could be tempted to wear a light jacket, do not. Dress to outdoor griddle in winter coats – lingerie long, sweater or jacket and high neck warm. Be sure to keep your extremities warm and using a good, dry boots and a pair of gloves or mittens (those that leave your toes exposed them ideal for grilling).
  2. Note that in cold weather the gas griddle does not work as well as when it is hot outside. The cold will mean that the outdoor griddle will not heat up as fast or kept hot, and cold decreases the pressure in the gas tank so it will not work as well as before. The answer is that you should make sure the tank is full before starting.
  3. Keep the lid closed. The heat of the griddle will escape faster in cold temperatures and food takes longer to cook. Keep the lid to help the outdoor griddle is hot, and once it is hot, closed cooking food to higher what you would do during the summer temperature.

4. Make sure your food is cooked by using a meat thermometer instant read (available at home stores, barbecue and kitchen).

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