How to Create L Shaped Kitchen Plan

Mar 6th

The kitchen is a component of a house that can’t be neglected. The kitchen has significant role in the house and human living. It is a place where the foods are supplied, cooked and prepared by the homeowners. The hygiene and neatness are identities of the modern kitchen. The design of modern kitchen also emphasizes the kitchen efficiency. There are some types of modern kitchen. The L shaped kitchen is one of them. It is very popular because it is practical and efficient for cooking process. This shape is also compatible for small or medium sized kitchen.   

floor plans for an l shaped house
Floor Plans For An L Shaped House

The L shaped kitchen has special criteria which causes it efficient. You must need L shaped floor plans for the kitchen planning. You have to consider about the work triangle. The work triangle is three crucial spots that are always used by homeowners to ease their activities in the kitchen. The work triangle refers to important kitchen functions such as storage (refrigerator), preparation (sink), and cooking (stove).

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Floor Plans For An L Shaped House

The placement of the function should be similar to triangle shape so the accesses of the functions are easier and quicker. Keep the refrigerator away from the stove or oven. Place the sink and preparation table between refrigerator and stove. You may add a kitchen island in the middle of kitchen to expand the placement area.

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