How to Choose Floor Plans for a House

A floor plan is a drawing consists of simple lines that show the rooms of the house as if it is seen from above. Walls, furniture, doors, and windows are drawn to scale also. Floor plans show the shape and the size of a house including its rooms. We can help you choose the perfect floor plans for a house.

1.     Kitchen

Kitchen nowadays are the most important place for families. They gather at the kitchen at the end of the day to eat and talk with each other. So be sure to include a kitchen in your floor plans

2.     Living room

A living room is where you will be spending most of the time with your family. It is also the place where you greet your guest. Calculate the size for the living room so it is not too big or too small.

3.     Bedroom

How many bedrooms do you need in your home? There are a lot of floor plans that contain 3 bedrooms as a standard. But you can modify this according to your family.

4.     Bathroom

Usually the number of the bathroom is the same or less than the number of the bedrooms. Make sure the location of the bathroom is accessible from every level.

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