Double Curtain Rods

Black Double Curtain Rod

Double Curtain Rods are a double curtain rod is used to give you the look of two-dimensional windows. This is to allow you to combine two different curtain color or type of fabric as needed. Two parallel rods, which you can use about 2 cm apart, held in place by a special mounting bracket as needed. Installing the brackets is a project that most do-it-yourself homeowner with basic carpentry skills and tools that can be completed.

You have to pay attention to put a step ladder next to a window where the Double Curtain Rods will be installed to suit your needs. Climb the stairs up to your eye level with the top of the window frame that you can use. With a tape measure to fit your needs, using distance and provide an outside upper right corner of the window frame. You have to Place a reference mark on the wall. You also have to repeat the process with the top left corner of the window frame.

You are sure to make your house and Hold a level carpenter wall between the reference marks to ensure that the brackets will be aligned correctly when you use. If necessary, make adjustments and concepts you use to suit your needs.

It provides a place for a position that provides a reference mark correct and clearly mark a second hole in the wall. You should be able to use and there are usually two mounting holes to fit your needs. Use protective males to determine whether this could be used to fit your needs, it will be installed into a wall stud. Repeat the process with reference marks left. After, can you plan how to make Double Curtain Rods.

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