Determining the location of the bathroom towel bars

bathroom towel bars calgary

Bathroom Towel Bars Calgary

The bathroom towel bars and rails provide practical and decorative applications in the bathroom, they let you keep away wet towels off the floor, while towels samples that either supplement or decorating style bathroom, combining colors and themes. Coordinates style towel rail and the ring with the rest of the permanent bathroom fixtures such as faucets. If all permanent elements complement each other in style and finish, you can update the rest of the decor of your bathroom quickly and inexpensively when you’re inspired to do so.

The towel bars are decorative and functional bath items. The right place for a towel depends on its use. Some of these additions simply cover the function of displaying decorative towels that people do not use beyond that are behind the sink or on the wall. Other bathroom towel bars are necessary to be able to easily grab the towel after taking a shower or bath.


  1. Observe the bathroom to assess the options. If the rack is merely decorative, I Place it where a person can see it just enters the bathroom. Another option is to place it on the opposite side of the bathroom mirror for dual visibility. Functional bathroom towel bars racks are located near a sink, bathtub or shower.
  2. Locate the wall studs with a detector before entering the area supports. Large shower towels can be heavy. Even normal size towel weight increase due to moisture. Pulling the towel you can put pressure on the wall if the rack is not installed correctly. Therefore, use a stud finder will ensure that the wall will not be damaged by the weight of the towels.
  3. Fold a towel in half and determines the length. Measures the type of towel you will place more frequently in the towel. Thus, the towel hanging from the towel rack that is on a toilet or cover does not rest on the surface beneath it.
  4. Place the towel on the inner wall of the tub area to not have to bend over to get the towel on the opposite wall. This prevents slipping or falling while trying to reach the towel.

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