Decoration and Organization in the Laundry Room

Feb 13th

Laundry room decoration

vintage laundry room decor
Vintage Laundry Room Decor

Laundry room decoration – The laundry room is a sector that has to be in order and with a decoration appropriate to spend some moments of the day.

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Vintage Laundry Room Decor

Often this area is transformed into a dark place where disorder reigns but that’s something you have to change in order to enjoy every room in your home.

Do not forget that all are important rooms in the house particularly laundry room decoration because each sector will generate an internal effect.

Find colors, fragrances and furniture to help organize and decorate.

Smells are important and generate an internal effect so do not hesitate to look nice to be part of the fragrances interior decoration.

Applies plants, flowers and candles so that everything becomes nice.

The storage space can be achieved with the furniture, open or closed traditional, shelves, baskets or boxes but also more unusual items such as professional racks or industrial that can be folded or to be always open and at any given time, serve for hanging garments shelter if any winter party and we have many guests.

There is also plenty of multifunctional furniture that just takes up space.

Do not give up any picture, mirror, or some old accessory to give a cozy to that area which also spends some time daily air. If the ironing board is exposed by lack of space, put a nice cover and hang.

Some baskets or crates of natural fibers or colored plastic or metal (depending on your decorative style) can serve to store dirty clothes or the one board. Some plants will do the rest.

Have well decorated by your corner Laundry.

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