drawing floor plans app

Visualizing images inside of your mind will be futile without realization. That act of realization can be poured in the form of floor plans. In any step of home design, floor planning is one of the most basic and simplest ways to depict the whole imaginary of a home that we plan to build. Drawing […]

3 bedroom ranch open floor plan

As a lot of people possess enormous land mostly in the suburban area, ranch style is the most appropriate one to be executed. First developed in the post-World War II era, this is one interesting and comfortable home design to cover the warmth of the entire family. This family-based impeccable idea has to be executed […]

Wenge Flooring – You want to pull from the floor Wenge accent in your home, featuring topical wood, dark brown color, superior strength and hardness, grain pattern bold and eye-catching. Perfect for the role and boundaries of interest,dramatic color from dark brown wenge wood makes it ideal for parquet boundaries and borders of contrasting colors, […]

bathroom floor plans 5 x 8

Master bathroom is the most crucial part of a home and thus it should be built in the most decent and proper preparation. When people visit someone’s home, then the way how it would mark someone’s cleanliness and hygiene is by looking at the bathroom. Besides, bathroom is also one of our most private places […]

Tile Flooring That Looks like Wood – Ceramic and porcelain tiles resembling wood began to appear a few years ago has grown ever seen since. It’s like wooden tiles everywhere in Coatings Show 2013, the annual convention floor. Tile is great – it has bought US 2190000000 square meters in 2012. One of the biggest […]

best open ranch floor planshouses floor plans

At some point, people can easily get disseminated when it comes to limited space to build a house as it will render the possibility of just making tiny houses. Even though it is cost less to be built, yet the main problem does not come from that way. However, the good news is this is […]

Tiger wood flooring – Pronounced color scheme is the panel for striking Tiger wood chocolaty cream and chocolate brown, crossed with yellow and burnt orange. Highlights of this composition and harmony with bold lines run along the narrow, tight grain in broad strokes of black-brown color. Because, wood flooring tiger wood sophisticated luxury beauty popular […]

floor plans for homes with pools

Floor is one essential part of a home aesthetic. As it is the place where the residents will step on their feet, it will also render such particular booster toward the grand design planning of a home. There are a lot of great and spectacular plans that we can refer to as building a home […]

Parkay Flooring – Has become a popular method of floor in France in 1600 as an alternative to marble floors and then became features of homes and businesses since then. It has been popular all the time because of its beauty and versatility to adapt to any situation. Parkay floors are made of blocks of […]

small in law suite floor plans

A lot of families live with other family in the same house. There are a lot of reasons why the family do it. One of The families would live in separated room in the house that called in law suite. A house with in law suite can be comfortable, but it can be a problem […]