bathroom etageres with drawers

Small bathrooms tend to look and feel claustrophobic. When space with a spouse or friend is shared, you’ll constantly bump into each other and hard to move around the bathroom. A bathroom etagere 5 x 8 feet (1.52 x 2.44 m) is fairly standard, but the space is too small for most people. The ideas […]

Onyx shower

When you remodel or build your bathroom, there are several options to consider with respect to the shower wall, like tiles, fiberglass or Formica. Onyx Collection, Inc. manufactures a type of products, including shower walls, section of the Onyx Collection. Made from a tough, durable material, some Onyx shower walls resemble stone and emerge in […]

silkwood shower

Banks for silkwood shower is ideal for those people who have trouble taking bath alone or unable to stand for long periods of time. There are also decorative benches that add luxury to your bathroom, allowing you to sit back and relax with the water running down his body. You can find a variety of […]

bathroom chandeliers ideas

Bathroom chandeliers – Bathrooms require a lot of lighting in nature. The arrangement personnel daily require. As useful as ceiling lighting, wall lighting also plays an important role. The lighting on the walls provides a concentrated light area, which is often necessary in the bathrooms. The bathroom is a very important in the home of […]

shower tub combo

A great way to revitalize a bathroom in an old house is replacing the tub with a modern shower tub combo. This project takes a few days and quite legwork. Your shower will not be used, and then is programmed. In the end, the result is a modern shower that gives value and style to […]

dual shower head

If there is a dual shower head in your home, you know that the repairs are part of the privilege of having it. There are several common repairs and accessories for bath faucet’s shower. Each addresses a different problem, and some of the repairs solved many problems. Many of these are easy enough for any […]

custom bathroom vanities with tops

Worn paint the custom bathroom vanities is a project so great for a week and will have a big impact in a small room. With proper preparation work, it will also last long. Be creative with color and transforms your bathroom. Instructions Take the toilet doors, drawer pulls and removes all hinges and hardware. Put […]

bathroom rug sets zebra

People put bathroom rug sets for a couple of reasons, but the most practical is to avoid any slip when leaving the shower. A carpet for the bathroom can also be simply to give you a comfortable place to stand while you wipe after leaving the shower. Coming out of the shower in the coldest […]

cool bathrooms uk

Cool bathrooms – Paint the walls of your bathroom is renewed. From time to time we experience the need for change, and this extends to where we live, to actually feel better we shouldn’t hesitate to alter colors. The trends for this year point to a natural inspiration and the return of the essential, with […]

Bathtub Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Small bathtubs – Many bathrooms are made with the fundamental needs from the family on your mind. Since the space of storage in a bathroom small size is often limited, it is important that the room be kept as clean and free of obstacles as possible. Sexy shelves for towels and make use of space […]