Boulder outdoor cinema in Greece

Feb 4th

The boulder outdoor cinema in Greece can be found in almost all cities. Called “Therein Cinematography” or cinemas summer they are part of Greek culture. The Athens area has close to 100 outdoor cinemas.

boulder outdoor cinema beer
Boulder Outdoor Cinema Beer

Open boulder outdoor cinema or Therein Cinematography (summer movies), are a phenomenon Typically Greek and constitute an integral part of Greek cultural identity. All cities and huge towns have some open boulder cinema, and lots of plenty of with respect to the scale the community. The Athens area alone has close to one hundred open boulder cinemas!

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Movie theaters operate from May until September, when high temperatures lead the inhabitants to seek outdoor cinemas. In the summer most traditional theaters close (except for the new and some that have retractable roofs) and people seek the refreshing gardens and hanging gardens of the boulder outdoor cinema. Some consider that the outdoor cinema in Greece is an extension of the tradition of Greek theater arena. But the outdoor cinema happens in many countries.

The summer cinemas of Greece operate from May – September, When the really hoots summer weather sets in causing the movie-going habits of city dwellers to change radically. Early all of the indoor cinemas close down for that summertime (using the notable exception from the multi-complexes and also the few new cinemas POSSESS queue retractable roofs!) The Audiences seek out the more refreshing rooftop gardens and backyards of open boulder outdoor cinema. Some say queue the open boulder cinemas really certainly can be a direct extension from the tradition of ancient Greek drama that has been always staged in open boulder theaters. Though the open boulder theater carries in many countries.

There have been some outdoor exhibits in Sao Paulo, such as Youth Park last year. But public spaces in central areas of our cities should be used to free screenings, and South and Southeast, where the summer is very wet, would be more appropriate views in the fall or mild winter nights.

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